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HP Designjet 4000XL : Affordable & Fast

A total solution for an affordable price
HP Pagewide 4000XL/MFP


  • Print at 8/A1 Per Min In Color & Black and White

  • Optional Upgrade to : 12/A1 Per Min 

  • Comes in two models, with scanner and without

  • Inks, Printheads, Parts, Service provided for 5 Years!

  • An affordable fast printer!

  • Perfect for the office and departmental setting.

  • Easy to use and understand. 

  • Touch screen and smart preview of prints and scans

Save Space, Time and Money.


  • When buying a new machine there are more than just the 'hard' costs to look at.

  • Take a closer look at your workflow and you will find areas where more costs are being incurred.

  • The implementation of pagewide eliminates the need for dual machines, time wasted waiting, electricity and manual sorting of printouts

  • To learn more let us analyse your work flow and show you areas of improvement before considering a purchase. 

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