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HP Designjet 8000XL : Speed Unmatched

A full Solution for productive printing
HP Pagewide 8000XL


  • Print at 30/A1 Per Min In Color & Black and White

  • Inks, Printheads, Parts, Service provided for 5 Years!

  • Hybrid model to get the best of both worlds

  • Print Color and Mono at the same price

  • Using Pigment based inks so no smudging and water resistance.

  • Using 15 i7 Intel Chips for massive data processing

  • Lowest energy consumption ever

  • Solid Build quality and an intuitive interface

  • Option to add Folder, High capacity stacker and Scanner

1500 A1/ Hour is a breeze!


  • This video shows in real life how the pagewide adds value.

  • It was taken in a context of an 8 hour shift non stop.

  • Print houses often have to offer volume prints quickly.

  • By implementing the HP pagewide a tremendous saving in both time and man power cost is realised.

  • Watch the video on the left to see this unfold!

Its fast...but so what?


  • Speed is one thing, but how does  this translate practically?

  • When you have 2 machines you need to seperate files. 

  • This takes up precious time, time is money.

  • Most current set ups use two machines.

  • A mono for mono, A color for color. 

  • Implementing Pagewide makes things easy.

  • Easy printing, a single machine to do both mono and color

  • A real solution for reducing costs and increasing profitability

Grow Your Business!


  • Most reprographers print  almost 90% in mono

  • Costs , speed and demand, play a part for this.

  • Well.. if we can drop the costs, increase the speed.

  • Only one component remains...demand.

  • When customer's demand you can deliver.

  • With pagewide costs for color and mono become normalised.

  • You can now take market share...your competition cannot come close to even offering. 

  • This is the power of implenting pagewide. 

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