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Plan Hanging Clamps for Plan storage
Plan hanging/filling Clamps Designed specifically for vertical filing and storing of architectural plans, construction drawings, blueprints, engineering drawings, charts, maps, art graphics and other over-sized sheets.

The patented Plan horse clamp will hold from 1 to 100 sheets of paper, film or laminate without crimping, creasing or slippage.

Sizes - The patented clamp comes in 4 sizes:
A0 - 914mm - 36 inches
B1 - 841mm - 33 inches
A1 - 650mm - 25 1/2 inches
A2 - 460mm - 18 inches

* Simple to use - loosen wing nuts and slide sheets in
* Convenient handling, storage, carrying and access
* Made of powder coated aluminum
* Superb for site office use – 1 Clamp Will Carry 100 Plans
* Sold in packs of 5 clamps

Planhorse Plan Filling Clamp A0 and A1

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