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The Professional’s Scanner
ScanStationPro is a truly professional solution.

Only ScanStationPro can give you quality like no other combined with the most efficient way to scan, copy, file or archive wide-format documents on the market.

Improved efficiency so you can take on more projects
End to end, no other scanner can compete with ScanStationPro. With super-fast batch scanning, you can scan up to 626 documents per hour.

The benefits don’t stop there. Contex’ unique REimage technology ensures you always get the best out of any image while also speeding up the end to end process by more than 30%. It does this by completely removing the need to retrieve and rescan your originals at any stage. With REimage you can go back, virtually, to your RAW scans to capture specific contents which you did not choose to include in your first file formats.

REimage allows you to dramatically reduce the time spent in pre-scan preparation and post-scan validation and archiving. That’s productive time you can now spend elsewhere, dramatically decreasing your operating costs and increasing your profits.

Scan Station Pro A0 Scanner

  • Choose the perfect solution to meet your needs.

    Whether that is for thick media, documents up to 54” wide or project workgroup facilities, ScanStationPro will surpass your expectations.

    IQ Quattro or HD Ultra Scanner
    21.5” full HD touchscreen
    Fully featured Nextimage REPRO software
    Either a high stand to sit over your printer or a low, height adjustable stand
    PC basket and keyboard tray
    Simply add your choice of PC

    ScanStationPro : The ultimate scanning experience.
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