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Your fully featured large format scanner
SD One+ has everything you need in an office scanner. With 24” & 36” versions and scanning at the highest possible accuracy, it’s compact and unobtrusive, yet has all the features you need.

Based on your feedback
You told us you needed a fully featured scanner. SD One+ has dedicated scanning software included.

You told us you wanted something easy to use. We put a control panel on the scanner for easy operation.

You told us you need a compact scanner to fit in your office. We made a flexible scanner which can operate on your desk or next to your chosen equipment on its optional stand.

As-builts and documentation
Capture your project changes and as-builts easily with your own scanner. No more trips to the copy-shop. No more delays in your project. With SD One+ you can save time and make sure your project stays on track.

Capture all your document types
Scan and store all your technical documents in standard file formats directly into your project folders.

Cloud Enabled
Enabling fast collaboration in your project, SD One+ can send documents directly to your preferred destination.

SD One+ 36"

  • SD One+ is a compact scanner available in the two sizes to support your document needs. The 24" model (scanning up to 610 mm wide) will scan documents up to A1 / D. The 36" model (scanning up to 914 mm wide) supports even larger documents up to A0 / E size. Both models are compact and light enough to place on your desk or the optional stand.

    SD One+ is a fully featured wide format scanner, designed to meet all your needs. With free software included, you can take on and clean-up the oldest and most damaged documents with SD One+. Equally suited to capturing fine lines with the highest possible accuracy, SD One+ with Nextimage software is a combination you can trust. SD one+ is designed for Windows 8, 7 and Vista.

    The Cloud enabled SD One+ scanner can send documents directly to your preferred destinations. The only choice you have to make is where you need the documents - SD One+ handles the rest. SD One+ can deliver images by e-mail or directly into your cloud sharing and storage applications. There is a long list of supported Cloud destinations like DropBox,, Google Drive and many more.

    SD One+ supports standard document formats like PDF and PDF/A. These are formats that can be opened and printed in scale using the free Adobe Reader. With PDF/A you even benefit from a format that is protected from changes and designed for long time storage. We recommend PDF/A to store your as-builts and documentation. To share and collaborate use standard PDF as this enables highlighting and annotations.

    Using a standard USB connection enables connection to any PC or laptop. Simply install the scanning application that comes with the scanner and connect it to your PC. You may install the scanner on as many PC's as you like. The compact size and low weight of the SD One+ enables you to keep it on your desk. You may also use the optional stand if you prefer. You may also use the optional stand if you prefer.
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