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Roth+ Weber or otherwise known as ROWE, prides itself with pure German engineered technologies that allow this range of machines to truly stand out as perhaps one of the best large format black and white printer in Singapore today! 


There are Key technologies that are unique to the Roth+Weber machines which allow for an unmatched user experience. Our customers enjoy its productivity, efficiency and most importantly it's reliability. Made Strong, To Last Long!


Roth+Weber : Key Technologies

Black and White Laser Copier | All In one large format printer

Cheaper Than Oce Plotter
Large Format Black and white plotter
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Solid Print Technology: Strong Blacks, Start To Finish

















  • Flat printed image. Optimal toner adhesion even when documents are folded:

       The unique way the toner is pressed through a double roller system ensures the toner has well adhered to the paper.

       This means that even when your document is folded the toner will not crack or fall off. 


  • ROWE HIGH-Q-PRINT: 1200 x 600 dpi print quality

       Thanks to highly developed image processing, the reproduction of lines is crystal clear and gray areas are reproduced
       homogeneously as well as clearly.

best large format plotter

Competitor Models Printouts Degrade as volume increases

Our Toner is pressed into the paper, consistent quality always

Change Paper Rolls With Ease & Comfort:

















  • 'Drop In' Rolls

       Loading those heavy large format paper rolls, can be rather challenging! They are not to mention large, heavy and extremely difficult to        handle. This is why it is so easy with a Roth + Weber machine, simply walk up to the machine drop in your roll, and using the sides push        the roll towards the center...Its that simple! 



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b&w laser plotter

No More Spindle!

Super Easy Loading!



Scan With Precision, Capture Highlights, Improve Your Workflow:
















  • Large Touch Screen:

       The Roth+weber ecoprint series is powered by the Scan 450i series and comes with a large touch screen interface, which allows the              user to easily scroll, edit, acess , preview and more all with the power of touch. This is unlike so many other interfaces which offer                  small screens and lacks the ability to preview and review properly. 


  • High Resolution and Key Differences:

       When it comes to scanning, saving and archiving your documents, make no mistake you need a good scanner and great resolution.              Most scanners that are attached to laser large formats only come with a 600 dpi resolution, this is simply not good enough especially            when today's drawings can include rendering, images and graphics. Trust in the Roth + Weber Scan 450i to handle the most                            challenging scan jobs with ease with its 5 key technologies.





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wide format scaner
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  • Dynamic Stictching for straight non-jagged lines

rowe wide format scanner


  • Top Notch Productivity 

       Conventional scanners, first take in the document, then reverse the documents then and only then does it begin scanning. This means        that productivity is extremely cumbersome especially when you are scanning a number of documents. The Roth+weber scanner simply        takes the document and adjusts automatically and on the fly, resulting in extremely fast and productive speeds for scanning large                  format documents. 



In A Digital World, Cyber Security Is Essential













Security :
The embedded ROWE V-POWER CONTROLLER ensures the protection of your data from transmission to processing up until it
is finally deleted. The controller supports the latest security functions from HTTPS, VPN up to E-DATA SHREDDING and can be
individually adapted to meet your requirements. Additionally, the embedded ROWE V-POWER CONTROLLER provides extended
protection and logging functions for administrators (e.g. security audits).

Secure printing with PIN code protection
In order to ensure that confidential documents don’t land in the hands of unauthorized personnel printouts can be secured with
a PIN code. Simply activate the function Safe Printing and secure the print order with a PIN code. At the printer simply enter your
PIN code and your order will be printed whilst you’re there.

Follow-Me-Printing Interface
The ROWE V-POWER CONTROLLER also offers an SNMP interface for integration of ROWE
ecoPrint, e.g. in a Follow-Me-Printing
System or in a centralized printer management.

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Safe For You, Safe For The Environment & Power Saving!













Eco-Friendly Toner :


  • Tested for any harmful substances.

  • A clean and closed system to ensure no spilling of toner.

  • Made from high-quality plastics and 100% recyclable.


Energy Star Certification :


  • Low consumption of electricity. 

  • Technology is shifted from incandescent lamps to full led light.

A harmony of technology, mankind, and nature
Roth+weber is committed to ensuring the entire product line is manufactured with the least impact to the environment, did you know 98% of the machine can be recycled and the remaining 2% is totally not toxic!

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A Large Format Plotter That Grows With You!













































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You can always add additional drawers depending on your needs! Up to 6 rolls on some models.


All Eco-prints by default come with a scanner, however, if you don't need it we can always take it out. This allows for you to have a lower acquisition cost. Don't worry you can always add it back again later if you want!


A beautifully designed top stacker, allows you to place the machine completely flushed to the wall, this saving you space and keeping things neat and tidy.


A massive touch screen allows you to see things clearly, in HD and pick up any mistakes that may have taken place, so you can correct them on the fly!


Power and reliable online folder is available to be attached and is super affordable! A large output capacity to stack your drawings neatly and without fuss! This can be added in anytime as well!


You can further empower your folding and stacking requirements with an online sorter as well. This is especially helpful if your trying to collate documents and create a variety of sets. 

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