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Big Rep : Large Size 3D Printer Singapore

Large 3d printer in singapore

Wow, that's what i exclaimed after i first saw this 3D printer! I was excited to see this machine for a couple of reasons. The most exciting part about this 3D printer has to do with its build volume !

So whats so exciting about the size, well in this blog series i am going to take you my readers on a journey of possibilities. We are going to understand what this machine is and follow it up with a myriad of applications. This journey will be exciting , eye opening and most importantly give you an idea of the possibilities.

So lets begin with whats currently happening in the 3D market in Singapore. The first thing you will notice, is that there has always been a hype about 3D printing in Singapore. Most customers or potential customers remain unconvinced about the possibilities of 3D machines.

This is either to do with, incorrect machines, cheap machines, poor print quality , understanding of applications and much more. When looking at 3d printing machines, what happens is an emotional response occurs almost instantly.

The ability to build, make and design things has always been a part of the human psyche. We have a strong reaction to something so innovative. I always advise to anyone looking at a 3D machine take a moment step back and understand why your excited. Take this excitement and see if there is an actual use for it and most importantly whether you would want to use it.

Excitement is good but it must tie into a real world solution. There are literally a myriad of 3d printers that you can purchase from just about anywhere. You will immediately notice that their build volume is usually pretty tiny. We live in the real world, and in the real world we use 'big' things not minuscule models of things. Now using a large sized 3D printer will bridge the gap from machines that are producing tiny prototypes to machines that will actually build, prototype, create and make products that we all can use.

This is where the BigREP comes into play. So lets explore some important technical details, there are some others however these are i feel the most important:

  • x 1050 mm y 1050 mm z 1050 mm build size

  • The build size allows for large objects to be printed

  • More than a cubic volume

  • Resolution : 100-1000 micron layer thickness

  • This refers to the thickness of each layer

  • The thicker the layer the faster the printout however the lower the resolution

  • 100 microns is equivalent to = 0.1 mm

  • 1000 microns is equivalent to = 1 mm

  • Extruder : Two modular Extrusion Heads

  • having two extrusion heads allows for layers having different colors

  • you can also print different materials in between layers to create unique and special effects

  • Fabrication Method : FFF

  • The industry standard to make parts that are strong

  • The easiest to understand method for fabrication.

The above gives you some important highlights, namely it has to do with the quality of print, size of the print and also the method of fabrication. I know what your thinking , it looks like a basic 3d printer that's just been enlarged. This however is very far from the truth.

I urge you to take a look at this video to give you a basic understanding of what this machine can do before we go on to the next part of the detailed features of this machine!

Stay tuned to my next blog post which will go into the detailed features of why this machine is fundamentally different from other large size 3d printers that are available.

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