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One Of The Best Large Format Plotter In Singapore

Hey, folks! well, this is part 2 of my previous blog post on the best large format plotter your company can buy for their large format printing needs. I highly recommend that you read before continuing this article.We covered in the previous article a couple of points, that had to do with the stacker function and the scanner function. In this article, we shall go a little deeper.

Large Format Plotter | Large Format Scanner

Ink Systems:

The HP T3500 comes with a total of 6 ink cartridges, that compromises of cyan, magenta, yellow, Black, Grey, and Photo Black. This is for good reason too! These days there has been an increased emphasis on BIM, 3D renderings, and far more complex drawings. In order to capture the full spectrum of colors that need to be present for some real jaw dropping print quality! Of course, if you're doing simple cad line printing, GIS printing this machine will handle these printouts with total ease and comfort as well! So what makes this ink system so special? Actually, it's not so much the ink system but the actual hardware that has gone into building this machine, the ink systems are protected from the environment so dust dirt and other creepy crawlies don't get into it.

Secondly, did you know that there is NO WASTE INK TANK, this intelligent system manages to get away without the need for a separate waste ink tank! This is done through the clever utilization of software and hardware to ensure that inks are used in the most efficient way possible. So you can get your drawings printed without the excessive use of the inks! The machine as long as you don't turn off the machine(unplug from power point) ensures the inks are kept in the most optimal condition along with the printhead.

Two Rolls: Whats so special?

The HP T3500 is equipped with two rolls, while this may be something that is relatively common on other large format printers and plotters, this comes with a surprising twist! You see most of the other standard models of printers only have the ability to hold up to a maximum capacity of 50 or at the very max 100 meters of roll paper length. Now let me be clear, the paper is known as a consumable and the cheaper you are able to purchase your consumables the better it is in the long run.

The T3500 allows a customer to purchase jumbo rolls, meaning to say you can load paper up to a maximum length of up to 200 meters. So what! you may be asking? well, let's consider two points here which is very important when you buy rolls at this length.

  • Roll changes are less frequent

  • Cost of paper purchase is much less

Result: Roll changes are really a tiresome thing to do, just ask anyone who has a lot of drawings to print, they would have to repeatedly change the paper rolls. It is not easy and most end users hate to do it.

So with a jumbo roll in place, you change the rolls less frequently. Most inkjet machines have only a 50-meter roll length, so when you have a 200-meter roll, you change once for the equivalent of 3 rolls of paper! This makes life just a little easier and not having to carry heavy rolls of paper to conduct a roll change frequently.

Result: When you purchase your paper at longer lengths the overall cost of the paper is actually cheaper, well at least this is the case here in Singapore. Typically you will see a paper cost savings of at least 30-40%. This means that you can print with lower costs and not worry about keeping and storing a number of smaller rolls, just have a few jumbo rolls kept neatly and that's all you need!

Oh yes, and one more thing, you may be wondering. The roll diameter is a 3" core. Now, most inkjet paper uses a 2" core rolls. So the question would be how then can I use existing 2" core media if you wanted to print on coated or photo gloss. A simple yet innovative solution is in a place, it's called the adaptor! The HP T3500 comes equipped with an adaptor that can change the roll diameter from 2" to 3" without any effort. This means you can enjoy a wide range of media to use with your T3500 machine.

One other thing, look at this photo.

If you look carefully you can see that the top roll is open, and the second roll is covered and protected. This is so that you can load a normal 80 gsm paper at the top roll which can be used for everyday printing, the second roll which is covered is for keeping more expensive rolls of paper such as coated media, or photo gloss paper. This feature protects your expensive rolls from people walking by or accidentally damaging the expensive plotter paper roll.

Well, this brings me to the end of Part 2 of the T3500 review. In my next blog post we shall look at the software that runs this beautiful machine as well as the unique way of producing color and mono prints for the same price...yes you read that correctly. Color and Mono for the same price. Stay tuned!

We carry a full range of plotters and printers, in fact, this is our profession, we don't carry a4 or a3 solutions but are strictly and totally focused on the large format industry. To view, our entire range of products visit us at

See ya soon!


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