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HP T730; A low cost, High Spec Large Format A0/A1 printer

The Hp T730, comes in with an interesting proposition, that is what is the highest spec machine that has the lowest cost currently in the market at this price point and functionality. This article will explore in depth as to how this machine fulfills it promise.

It should be mentioned that the T730 forms the base unit on which the T830 will be built on. Do visit for further details on both these machines, or contact us for further details.

Speed: The machine prints at a very decent 25 seconds per A1. It can be said that in terms of pure print speed alone, you will be hard pressed to find a solution that comes close to this machine.

Processing: i really like how this machine is able to quickly process the document through a variety of mediums from direct printing or even cloud printing.I should mention also that it comes in built with a 1 GB pure ram. Some manufacturers state a hire value, but please be careful between “actual” ram and “virtual” ram. A virtual ram is slightly slower than a pure “actual hardware” driven ram.

Connectivity: One of the really helpful features is the mind boggling amount of ways you can connect to this printer, this is perhaps the reason why the high specifications comes in handy. The price point is also very attractive for a machine that comes with these connectivity features. making it really easy to transfer from one place to another.

Paper Loaded: The options for paper loading are also alot more, compared to other brands. You can directly load A3 & A4 cut sheet. In addition you can load various sized rolls provided they are on a 2″core

Thumb drive: You can print simple files directly from the thumb drive, jpeg, tiff and bmp files.

Build Quality: The machine is well built overall, and at the same time is not very large. It can easily fit into most offices quite easily.

Energy: The energy consumption of this machine is very very low and extremly efficient. HP has a unique ability to provide the very best low consumption of energy used during printing. 35 watts (printing), 3.5 watts (sleep), 0.2 watts (standby )

Inks System: HP T830 is a 4 color machine and requires no waste ink tank

Once again to re-iterate from my previous article, it is extremely important that you the customer understands that if you do not do photo or rendering, a 4 color machine for CAD applications is good enough.

Once again HP uses only 4 inks, some manufacturers claim they have a 5 color solution or a 6 color solution. However you need to take note for example (other brands say 5 colors but actually mean 6 cartridges!) In other 6 color machines if you are not doing rendering, area fills or photos you do not need to have 3 different types of black! Ink is expensive and you must purchase a machine that is suitable for your application.

The machine allows you to choose between 40ml ink tanks or 130ml ink tanks, so for example if you are printing alot of black & white prints then i would suggest you load (Black 130ml Cyan, Magenta, Yellow 40ml) this way you get the best value for money.


In summation, i feel that if you are looking for a high spec machine, in order to improve the productivity of your office this machine is suitable for you. Yes there are cheaper machines that are available that will do the basic print of a0 and a1 however you need to carefully consider between the running cost and also the technology being utilized.

Should you have any questions please do contact me, or give us a call at : 627836110. If you need to look at other machines or even require the data sheet then visit for more information. I have also included below a list of videos that will better explain the workings of this machine and make it a compelling case for yourself and your management.

T730 Overview:

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